Monday, October 03, 2005

Friday afternoon:
Sarah lets me know that her car situation has not been resolved and unless a miracle happens in the next few hours she won't be able to come to Charlotte on Sat to accompany me at my bridal Portraits.

Terra feels crummy because Shellie is busy all day because Terra hadn't told her about the appointment because She thought having both Mom and Sarah would be plenty of people involved in the process. But she hasn't heard from Mom and figures she isn't coming.

Terra Im's Megan to see what she is doing.
Megan is busy. But Terra is so pathetic that she offers to call if there is a change in plans.
Terra grows up for the moment it takes to realize that it would be ridiculous to ask megan to drive 2.5 hours with a small child just so she doesn't have to be alone for a photo shoot. Megan also says that mom might be waiting for Terra to call her about the photos.

Terra decides it's worth a shot.

Friday night:
leaves mom a message.

Saturday morning: 10:00am
Gets a message from Mom- calls her back and sets up a time of arrival.

Sat. 1pm
Terra goes to get her hair done. The appointment she set has been pushed back because of the hair dresser running late, so she is forced to go elsewhere. The new hair dresser assures Terra that it will be "no problem" to fix her hair in the requested style.
She lies.
The Hair dresser fixes Terra's hair in the exact style that she specifically said "I don't want it to look like this". Because Terra does not in fact have eyes in the back of her head, she doesn't realize the problem until it's too late to change it.
The style is pretty just completely NOT what Terra wanted.
Mom still haven't arrived and it's an hour after the ETA. Terra leaves a message on Mom's phone.
Mom calls back- she's running late but should make it to terra's apt in time to drive to the photo shoot together.
Terra gets out all her make up and stares at it uncomprehendingly.
What is she supposed to do with this stuff again?
Terra racks her brain for anything she remembers from the binder set Mom bought on "growing up a girl gracefully" that was published in the 1980's!
She manages to apply her make-up with out resembling a clown.
No Mom.

Terra leaves after making sure that Jason can give Mom directions to the photo shoot.

Mom shows up at the photo shoot after only 3 frames have been shot.
despite Jason giving her "easy" directions that sent her into a very unpopulated area which made Mom sure she was going the wrong direction. But luckily Terra had told Mom the name of the location and she followed the signs in.

We had a lovely mother/daughter time taking the pictures and have tons of great ones to choose from!

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