Monday, October 03, 2005

There should be a law....

They want a lab puppy now.
I think we all know who "they" are, so I won't go into it.

so far.

One little miniature poof ball that was given away because Angie didn't like to clean up after it. (and they had managed through unsupervised wrestling matches between Bilbo and Dakota the dog started nipping.) She also stated that she didn't want the responsibility along with a new baby (Ariana).

One huge poof ball husky that was given away because Angie and Rob didn't want to take care of her anymore. And she ate Angie's cockatiel because they let Dakota take the bird out while the dog was out.

one Cockatiel.
eaten within 24 hours of entering rob and angie's apt. See above.

Two Cockatiels sold to a pet shop because Rob and Angie didn't want to take care of them anymore and because they were mean.

one snake that is still there because they only have to feed it once a month.

one rat that was bought to feed the snake listed above but who successfully made a break for it by chewing through the secure cardboard box that they were keeping it in before dinner was served. Lived three more days missing in action in an apt. that had a new born baby in it.
Is anyone else getting flash backs from Lady and the Tramp?

oh, I forgot about the rabbit they kept in solitary confinement in their bathroom until they gave that pet away as well.


Mrs. K said...

I hate to mention it...

but the rabbit died with in a few weeks because they gave it to my step-mom and sister- who apparently a little less than perfect when it comes to pet care.

Jonas said...

I am picturing Ace Venturas apartment, only without the kind loving Ace Ventura to take care of them.