Monday, November 14, 2005

I’m still not enjoying my job and after kind of wallowing in self pity on Friday as well as the fact that I’ve been trying to finally finish 7 Habits I decided that I needed to incorporate volunteering in my life. I even looked up some stuff in Creative Loafing so that I would have a selection of organizations.
I realized that all I had to do was go about three blocks AND I would be helping someone I care about.
The back-story goes like this; Simon (Shellie’s husband) is very good to her and does lots of nice things for her, such as running baths (she loves baths). One day the were watching TV together when Shellie heard a strange noise- almost like a waterfall in her homes walls- Simon tore off upstairs- he had started a both for her but got distracted and it had now been overflowing for about 20 minutes. He used their water vac and tried to get as much water up as possible but by then the living room ceiling was sagging from water so they had to knock a hole in the living room and kitchen to drain the water and give the frame a chance to dry. In the meanwhile the carpet got ruined.
So Simon got out his tools and after a trip to Home Depot he started work on patching the ceiling. Shellie started thinking… If we have to do all this work anyway, then maybe this is a good time to take off all that dated popcorn stuff on the ceiling? And finish painting the walls and molding?
Um, sure?
All this happened back in September- Jason kept telling them he would come over and help Simon finish the job, but stuff happened.
Last week Shellie said that she really wanted the room at least “mostly” done so that she could have Thanksgiving in that room as planned. (She has the largest house so ALL her family is due- maybe even grandparents? I’m not sure on that though).
So Saturday I traipsed over there and asked Simon, which would be more helpful, one more body or two less bodies (their children)- “one more body, hands down”.
What we got done was:
Finished wet wiping the ceiling
Finished sanding the ceiling
Finished dry wiping the ceiling
*Cough* *Cough* I think I have White Lung now
Then we edged the ceiling- turns out that there is a seal of caulking all along the edge that had to be removed and then replaced.
Then Simon removed all the debris in the room- carpet remnants, dry wall bits and about 10 pounds of plaster dust.
Then we primed the ceiling
Then we washed the walls so that they would be ready to paint in the color of Shellie’s choice (Dark Green, Dark Blue or if she feels a bit wild Burgundy).
Simon was sneaky though, he told Shellie that Jason didn’t come over that day to help so she was sure that not much had been done in the room.
But when she got there – Brownie Points Galore for Simon!
Anyway, I got to help out a friend while also implementing my master plan of “how to not feel crummy constantly”!

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your blog depresses me. i'm going to go kill myself now.