Monday, November 14, 2005


I win, I win, I win!!!
The other day Jason and I were talking and I shared a little factoid that isn't all that appropriate for mixed company so you won't hear from me what it is.
The point is, is that Jason didn't belive me and asked to bet that I was wrong.
Foolish boy.
If I am right then I bet (I'm thinking of you Shellie!) Jason owes 3 hours of labor to Shellie.
I am wrong I have to be sure to have all my boxes unpacked by the end of the week.
To prove I'm right I have to provide three sources/references that support my factoid- he didn't actually say they had to be reputable sources or even valid sources. I could have convinced three of my siblings to support my statement and I would have met the criteria of the bet, but because I'm practicing being a nicer person I am honoring the spirit of the bet.

So Shellie Jason owes you three hours of work at your house!


Mrs. K said...

details babe, what was the factoid? and thank you for thinking of me :)

Mary Ann said...

Good for you, Terra. A Perkins almost always knows when s/he is right.

Matthew said...

Just out of curiousity, does Jason also think that you won?

Terra said...

He is desperately trying to figure out how he won't have to do the work.

katperkins said...

Is the mixed company boys&girls or parents&others?

Terra said...

ok- fine. I told him that they used to make condoms out of goat bladders and he didn't belive me.

They do by the way. In fact you can buy some at this link!106&keyword=%28sheep+condoms%29&match_type=

Melissa said...

That was a common practice during the Renaissance Period. Didn't he ever study Shakespeare?