Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Christmas has come and gone and I don't have to worry about that for another 12 months.
Without fail I manage to stress myself out each year, and this year was no different.
one of Jason's gifts didn't arrive in time and neither did my person for Christmas eve (Josh). I even had the perfect gift! I had really been hitting a wall on possible presents for him and Megan was having trouble too so she didn't want to give away nay of her good ideas... and then I had an epiphany!
A very nice person sent me this link a while back www.lulu.com where you can log on and down load files and they will print it in several different book formats for you with no minimum order.
Perfect! I decided to use selections from his blog and get Megan to help me find the photos to illustrate it.

And then it didn't arrive in time.
Not perfect.

So I called Megan back and explained the situation and she told me to just tell him what I got him and it was cool enough that, that would be fine and I wouldn't see a grown man cry because I didn't have his present.
The thing is, is that everyone sits in a circle and we go person to person, and everyone gets to see what everyone got, I didn't want him to be the only person not getting to unwrap something.

So I got him chocolate covered cherries (they are his favorite) unfortunately he has a particular brand he likes and I didn't think to ask that from Megan. Fortunately I managed to pick the right brand. If I had known two boxes of cherries would tickle him as much as they did I might not have chosen such a time consuming present to give him =).
Nah, it's a really cool gift and he was thrilled to I still would have.


Matthew said...

Glad he liked them so much. Seems like your appetizer gifts are really big hits. Remember the subway map you gave me?

Terra said...

I seem to do better at gifts "I just thought you'd like" than gifts that for an actual event.
Go figure.