Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I got a call from Megan before I went up the mountain for Christmas asking if I could stop by this Korean store and pick some items up for Josh. This wasn't a problem since it's close and I had offered this very service the last time I saw them.
Josh gave me a list, even going so far as to give me the phonetics so that I could ask for help if needed.

I needed.

That's where I realized I was one of THOSE people...
The very nice clerk was asking his co-worker about a particular item
(DDuk) confirming that they didn't carry it at this time and she didn't speak any (or very little)English and so what do I do to help things along? I started talking louder-because volume makes all the difference in language comprehension.
I was mortified and wanted to say something but...she didn't speak English.

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Matthew said...

Unfortunately, that's pretty much an instinctive response. I do award one bonus point for realizing you were doing it though. Plus a second one for feeling bad about it. That helps with the redemption =)