Tuesday, December 06, 2005


We got to Boone Friday morning to a basically empty house. All the cousins were at the neighbors playing at the “Playhouse” so Mom was the only one home. I got to hear her horror story of being convinced to go stand with her sisters outside Wal-Mart at 4am in 18-degree weather so that they could grab some of the Christmas deals. Aunt Brenda (who is from Florida) attempted to walk out of the house that morning with just a sweatshirt to keep her warm- Mom loaded her up with Dad’s coat, hat and gloves.
The cousins arrived with stories of rolling in the snow (again they are from Florida) and taking pictures of all of them together. A bit later the plans were made for Jason to take the cousins to Blowing Rock to shop and for me to accompany Katie to her Jewelry making workshop that I insist on calling a “welding shop” but isn’t. We got there to discover that the person who was supposed to open the doors had not showed up that day, which given the fact that she had two weeks to finish several projects which she had to do out of class, put a damper on her mood. Actually we had a fun ride, talking and laughing on the drive home. It was actually a little disappointing that I didn’t get to watch her work- I’ve always felt a bit of a wuss that I didn’t have the bravery to go into art (well, she’s in Graphic Design) as a vocation. But then again, every time I see Katie’s work I’m glad I’m not competing against her- she’s really good.
I had even brought my camera so Matt and Mary Ann could see some of it too.
We got back to the Cabin to find that Jason was still shopping with the girls, so Katie and I helped Mom with some of the Thanksgiving preparations.

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Matthew said...

Sounds like a lovely time.