Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Nutmeg

Let me tell you about “The Nutmeg”.
First off, nutmeg at Mom’s house lives in it’s own little “nutmeg house”- I thought Katie was joking when she told me to look for the nutmeg house but… she wasn’t. It looks like a toy cheese grater and you grate the nutmeg fresh.

Unfortunately we didn’t have quite enough fresh nutmeg for the dish we were cooking so mom pulled out a bottle of nutmeg that you were supposed to be able to grind with the special grinder top.
Yeah… the grinder didn’t work; it would release a light dusting after several seconds of work. No, problem- we are wymin (that’s for you Josh and Katie=)) of the new milinium, not about to be foiled by a nutmeg grinder! We will transfer the nutmeg to a real pepper grinder and continue on our merry way.

Ummm. No, actually we won’t. The top won’t come off- and by that I mean it isn’t designed to come off at all. All that lovely nutmeg so close yet so far away… so we decide to break the lid off (carefully) and continue with our master plan.
Ummm. No, actually we won’t. I was trying to crack the lid with the handle of a knife (carefully) but only succeeded in cracking the knife handle- which turned out to be Mom’s favorite knife…Opps!
So we kicked it up a notch- Katie got a hammer (oh, go a head, you know you want to) AND WE SMASHED IT WITH A HAMMER!
Actually it took another 5 minutes of not so careful bashing on my part to CRACK the lid- yes it only cracked- but enough that we were finally able to get the blasted nutmeg out and into the pepper grinder.
(It seems insane that we don’t have the ground nutmeg yet doesn’t it?)
And… it doesn’t work. We figure that the nutmeg has enough moisture in it to muck up the grinding teeth, which is causing all the problems.
Sooo….. we get out the hammer again (washing it- with soap after Katie pointed out that my water technique wasn’t really going to do anything in the way of disinfecting it) and

WE SMASHED IT WITH A HAMMER! For real this time.


Matthew said...

Technically, if you want to go all the way, you should be "wymin". Sounds like someone has really over-engineered that nutmeg grinder.

Josh said...

gosh, taking the man out of woman! next we'll be taking x out of xmas.

Willo said...

No comment to the use of "wymin," I just thing the nutmeg debackle is hilarious, and frighteningly familiar.

Bonnie said...

And that's exactly like it happened!