Friday, December 30, 2005

I got met with the prospective client last night and booked the wedding job. I even got to give out one of my pretty new business cards =). I also am meeting with another bride early next week to see if she would like to book my services for her wedding.

Beruit here I come!

In other news I think I will have to hide my new computer game Zoo Tycoon from Jason. It's a really cool game where you set up a zoo with the funds alloted to you and manage the grounds and animals - you recieve feed back from the guest (hungry, thirsty, if they like the exhibits) as well as from the animals (they may not like the type of dirt or fona in the exhibit, or if there are too many animals or if they want a mate...) so you can play it for hours with out ever getting to a stopping point.
I have suggested a limit of an hour per day for each of us- because as much as I can geek out over the game I would also like to keep up with day to day life.
(I haven't eve started the expansion packs that include Marine Mania and the Dinosaur exhibits!)


Mrs. K said...

When are you going to post the link to your new and improved photography website?


katperkins said...

I think you should try and scan your business card in. Or you could take a picture and post it. I'd like to see how they turned out.

Matthew said...

I think that games which teach fiscal discipline should be required for all newly married couples. Increases chances of administering a decent budget, and reduces the risk of having kids in the first year (perish the thought).