Friday, December 02, 2005


My Thanksgiving was busy but fun…
Well I guess I should really start the night before where I was so tired I went to bed at about 8:30pm and was woken up by Jason at about 9:30 asking if I wanted to go out and do something fun.
Um… no.
SO he called his brother and asked if he wanted to do something like play pool. James was writing a college essay so he said he would call in about 15 minutes when he was done. Jason came back the apt with James at about 1am because when Jason arrived to pick up James he wasn’t ready and wouldn’t be for about two more hours. So the decided to watch a movie instead.
What movie? “Holes”. Which by the way is a really cute book and a really good movie- plus I like the actor who is also on “Even Stevens” on the Disney Channel.
They both fell asleep before it was done.
I woke up at 7am. 7:30am. 8am. 8:30am asking Jason what time he needed to be up for the Turkey Bowl. Finally at 9am James knocked on our bedroom door asking when Jason was waking up because it was time to leave.
I got up and made some eggs and toast for James while we waited for Jason to drag himself out of bed.
We got to the Turkey Bowl at 9:45am.
I forgot batteries for the camera.
I went to the store to get batteries for the camera and pick up some drinks for the players.
The stupid camera gave me trouble so I only got a couple of shots off before it started giving me a “card error” message. The group also let a father and his two kids play with them, which was nice. The game ended at 11am.
Back to the Heilperns… to cook?
Jennifer (taking Union enforced breaks to avoid another fainting spell like last year) helped Sis Heilpern along with myself. James… went back to sleep? Bro Heilpern… shopped online? And then went to work out on the ski machine. Jason… defiantly went back to sleep. I woke him up and told him to help. He complained for a bit and then he helped. Bro. Heilpern set the table. James…. No idea.
Raw turkeys are so gross looking, especially when someone (NOT me) has to grope around their insides looking for the gross parts no one wants to see- or worse under their skin.
I avoided that section of the kitchen for a while.
The turkey was great, mashed potatoes were great but the thing I gorged on was this Cranberry relish that Bro Heilpern bought. I took a bite and realized that this was what I wanted to eat all night! So I ignored all the other food and ate lots of yummy relish with my turkey. Then the boys were supposed to clean the kitchen but really Bro Heilpern ended up doing it all.
And I ate more relish.
Then they fought over which Christmas movie to watch- going to the extent of calling Jessica to see what movie she would never forgive them seeing with out her- like they're really going to put off going to see the Chronicles of Narnia until the beginning of January! They settled on “A White Christmas” which I like fine but don’t really see how watching a movie is a social event and it was giving me a bit of a panic attack (don’t ask), so I didn’t watch it. We were supposed to go to Boone that night because it’s easier for me to get Jason to stay up late than get up early (and coming from me that says something!) but since the movie wasn’t over until 11pm that plan was nixed. I would drag his bum out of bed for a 7am departure time. (Stop laughing).


Matthew said...

I didn't realize that Chronicles of Narnia was already out...

Terra said...

It's not it opens december the 9th but she wanted to make sure they wouldn't go see it with out her (she will be comming in for Christmas)