Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back Again

Well, we did it (well mostly), we moved Nana out of her house and into my aunt's.
I'd have to say that the items that struck me the most were the countless bottles and roasters Nana owned.
Also I've never seen so many containers of nuts, screws and bolts. Papa would fill those big coffee cans full of them, one after another. Dad told us that as a child he would be sent in to papa's sheds by Nana to throw away close to a hundred pounds of such finds as soon as papa went out of town.

The whole process wasn't as uncomfortable as I had thought it would be, maybe it was because it was only Katie and I packing the stuff so when there was an issue we just took turns on who got dibs- except on the iron donkey- we played "Rock Paper Sissors" for that item.

Katie won.
After we had tied twice.

We also found out that the Perkins family has one of those really cool Big Family Bibles. Dad let Aunt Barbara have it since she is the oldest (she thought he should have it since he is a Perkins and she has married out.) but I pointed out that her house is made to display such items better than Mom and Dad's (It's true they have all sorts of memorabilia on the many shelves in their home.) Not to mention I don't think she would throw a fuss if Dad ever wanted it back.
I guess technically it would go to Dad and then to Matt.
Maybe after Matt won't have to figure in the weight of a 25 pound book into his moving costs.
Dad did let me have Papa's old personal bible- which I am very pleased about.

Funny little side story:
Katie and I came back to Aunt Barbara's for lunch and our second cousin Zack (6 years old) was there having his lunch- we sat down, and he looked at me...looked at Katie...looked at me...looked at Katie...

Now Katie is mightily tired of people thinking we look so much a like and we had already had people look right at us and call us by the other's name, so I was laughing but trying to do it quietly so she wouldn't notice.

She did.
"we look a lot a like don't we?" she asked him.
he did a couple more double/triple takes and clapped his head in his hands like it was giving him a head ach!
Zack is a very cute little boy so it was hard to mind him thinking we were twins or something. Plus I don't' think he's seen both of us at the same time - and we were both in work clothes with our hair pulled up and wearing our glasses, sitting on either side of him.

But we have decided that at the next family get together we should wear this.


Matthew said...

Cool shirt!

Mary Ann said...

Can I have one of those shirts too?

katperkins said...

I don't remember agreeing to wear that shirt. I believe you said you wanted to wear a shirt that said "Ask me why I'm not Katie." If someone were to ask me why I'm not you, they would probably get a response they would not desire.

Terra said...

oh, I made on ethat said "Ask my why I'm not Katie" as well but for some reason it wouldn't save correctly.

There was also the idea of team shirts with our name on the back but CafePress doesn't carry any that didn't look stupid and let the name be large enough.