Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mumble, Grumble...

Running by your self kind of sucks.

Scottie is to old to run (13) and Jenny is too out of shape to do the distances I do.

Plus running in a city that isn't pedestrian friendly at all doesn't help either.
Today was so windy and fairly cold. On top of that my head just wasn't there- it's hard to keep going when your head it pointing out that walking with get you to your destination with a lot less aggrivation than running.

And I lent Megan two of my water bottles and now can't find the other two- so I'm drinking out of a "bottle of water" (my nice bottles have little tops that limited the amount of air I swallow).

I also got the fun experience of adjusting my heart monitor in the middle of the street so that it would register SOMETHING on my run.

I also need to find a better route I run down almost every street I come across but they are all dead ends and it sort of sucks the enjoyment out of running when you are desperatly looking for ways to add a few more minutes onto your run.


Matthew said...

Come on down! The weather is great and there are plenty of nice routes. You do have to avoid the bombs and gunmen though...

Anonymous said...

Oh, the life of a true runner! That is training for the feeling you are going to have at about mile 40-62.5, it will seem like forever. What fun we will have! Dad

Mrs. K said...

May I suggest the Greenway system? They are linking in right by my house, and if you cut through Browne's Ferry Subdivision you can hook up with the Mallard Creek Greenway in about .5 a mile. Here is the website for the greenways- with maps. ~Enjoy