Saturday, January 28, 2006


The other day I got my January Runners World Magazine (last years Valentines day gift-YAY!)
Jason saw it and said:

Jason: "That guy looks just like Wesley."

Terra: "No he doesn't. He doesn't look anything like Wesley."

(I'm betting Megan who also gets the magazine knows where this little conversation is going)

Jason: "Yes, he does."

Terra: "OH!" (embarassed little pause) "You mean THAT Wesley".

Jason: You thought I meant Wesley Crusher didn't you?" " I meant Wesley from the Princess Bride." "You are such a geek."

Terra: "Looks like it."


katperkins said...

Um, yeah....where does a grown MALE get the idea that he can call someone else a geek when he referenced something from "The Princess Bride" like he knows the people? He does look like Wesley though.

Josh said...

the world has a shortage of perfect breasts... what's so geeky about being able to quote that movie?

Jason Heilpern said...

"...It would be a pitty to damage you's"

katperkins said...

we so don't hang out in the same crowd. hey, jason, is that the italian-american version of that quote?

Josh said...

lol. megan actually said the exact same thing when she saw that cover. she said it looked like wesley. i didn't know what she was talking about.