Thursday, February 02, 2006

Some days...

I put off running until the last possible minute, because I didn't feel like it, it's on the cool side and overcast. Plus I think I'm getting sick- lots of sneezing anyway, which is usually the first sign.

But I went and even started feeling a little proud of myself for taking the full route instead of the short one.

Until...I felt a drop hit my nose...And another one!

Yes, it had started RAINING!
I kept going because it wasn't really raining that hard although I was a bit concerned about my MP3 player and it's water resistance (It's fine).

I've been working with the 25 on 5 off program Dad and Josh are touting with pretty good results.

I've also heard that there is a lady in the ward that is/will be living near by who is training for a marathon! I plan on figuring out who that someone this Sunday is and seeing if she is looking for a running partner

My feet hurt.


Anonymous said...

Just remember the last marathon run in Boone was through the ice, wind, rain, snow, mud, and whatever. A little rain is not worth mentioning. I am looking forward to our run in 9 more days! Yeah. Dad

Matthew said...

What does "25 on 5 off" mean?