Monday, March 13, 2006


Dad fractured his foot (his pinky toe to be exact) and can't run the 50 miler with me in three weeks. I understand that but it's a big bummer anyway.

The big question now is, do I run the race by myself?
I ran the 1/2 marathon last Saturday by myself and that kind of sucked- mostly I got bored. I was rushed so I forgot to take my jacket off and ended up wearing it around my waist for the ENTIRE race plus my MP3 player ran out of batteries (or something) with in 100 yards of the start line, so I got to tote that around with me as well. On top of that, I took my glasses off in order to let the ear pieces on my ear phones fit better and I was running around blind for the entire race as well.

There was a very enthusiastic cop on the course cheering for us though along with a cute boy scout troop handing out water and gatorade.

I accidentally signed water to one of them and have decided that everyone should learn at least a few words in sign language in order to make my life easier.

Anyway, back tot he question...
"Do I run at least 50 miles in the woods by myself?"

our pace was supposed to be 11 minute miles for 25 minutes and then walk for 5 minutes. If I didn't attempt to run 100K this would take me about 12 hours.

Turns out dad only agreed to run it with me because he thinks I'm not smart enough to know when I should stop running and avoid hurting myself.
He doesn't want to run distances anymore and I understand that. Megan's body doesn't particularly like them plus she is trying to get pregnant right now, Abby's body REALLY doesn't like distances either, so that leaves Isabella, Dad and I. Racing is social for us so it means that fewer people can be social with us if we run distances.
BUT... I'm not fast and never will be, but I can finish.
All of this is a bit disappointing.


Josh said...

"I ... have decided that everyone should learn at least a few words in sign language in order to make my life easier."

hmmm. good luck with that.

distance running is great as long as you remember that 10-12 miles is a distance. we all remember that guy who ran all the way from marathon to athens to let everyone know what had happened in the battle. and we all know the distance from marathon to athens. but do we remember what happened to him? he dropped dead after running a "distance."

is it any wonder so few people get xtreme about running distances?

Terra said...

Ah, but I also remember that hte greeks didn't like scrawny marathon types and that the guy who ran it
1. Didn't actually go all that fast
2. was really built and lugging around pounds and pounds of muscle
3. In all likely hood didn't properly hydrate.

Jonas said...

I have a hard time driving my car 50 miles.

Terra said...

me too =)

Matthew said...

I find it noteable that the guy who ran with you because you don't know when to stop injured himself while running.