Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Back Blog #1

THe story behind my hair cut is this:

I got bored.
(See Matthew I can tell a concise story with a beginning, middle and an end.)

I got bored and wanted a new look-something shorter but I wasn't sure what.
One day after my friend shellie and I had worked out at the YMCA we decided to get something to eat. As we walked along the outside of the shopping strip I noticed a sign in the window of a hair salon "models wanted" I figured it was for a hair show or something which sounded kind of fun, so after we ate we stopped back by and signed me up.
It turned out that one of the hair stylist needed to sign off on certain hair cuts before she was allowed to work there and I would be getting one.

The kind of funny thing is, is that I had told Jason I didn't really care what type of cut it was as long as it wasn't a bob. I hate bobs, they're boring and it makes me want to color my hair in outrageous colors. See below.

I got a bob. Three hours later.
She did add layers after she signed off on the cut and this is what I ended up with-

I'm not crazy about it- at first I thought that I got the cut Megan is now sporting but after looking at it a bit longer I realized that hers is much cuter than what I have. It's hard to style and I feel like I have a helmet on when it's not swept back. Jason likes as well as our friend BJ which made me feel a bit better but the real stamp of approval was when Shellie's little boy Perrin announce "I like your hair cut Terra". If he likes it can't be that bad since he would definitely tell me if it was ugly.


Jonas said...

I love the pink hair.

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Clair Danes?

Terra said...

Thank you, I really liked it too, but it was really high maintenance.

Acutally, no. I've been told I look like Julia Stiles before though-mostly when I have longer hair.

Josh said...

it reminds me of the first time i met you at the barn dance in statesville

Jonas said...

My wife has been told she looks like Julia Stiles and Cameron Diaz.

I went to a singles barn dance in Statesville in 98'
I remember thinking the barn was going to fall in. I met this girl named Jackie I wonder what ever...

Anonymous said...

and by girl do you mean boy?