Thursday, March 16, 2006

Well my favorite dog has become Jason's least favorite dog (for now). Lets just say that it's really true that pets and their owners start to resemble eachother after w while.
In Scottie's case he is increasingly clumsy- last night for instance he decided the perfect place for a nap was under the lowest shelve of my computer desk. Then Jason brought the leash out which made him excited and he jumped up causing the desk to rise and then Scottie to realize this and go back down which brought the entire desk (and computer) crashing down on top of him and breaking the desk.

Scared him to DEATH!


Jason Heilpern said...

I had a great time cleaning it up to! :) lol

Josh said...

it would be me or the dog.

Mary Ann said...

Becoming more like the dog . . . does that mean that you are becoming less popular with Jason?

Matthew said...


Good thing you aren't living under Terra's desk =)