Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Terra Translated

I described myself as stubborn and gave several definitions that I feel are very descriptive of my personality- it looks like it will be helpful for me to define my definition(this implies that my description wasn't a very good one =))

"So, let me explain...No, to long, let me sum up"

Stubborn= Over all I feel being stubborn is a positive personality trait, since it means (to me) that the person isn't easily swayed to the majority. It of course can also be a negative trait such as the time Dad and I sat and stared at eachother for 30 minutes because I refused to change clothes if he didn't make Megan as well.

(back story) There was a youth dance and I had bought a dress to wear, but I decided to let Megan wear it, so I bought an identical style but in a different color for myself. Dad decided it was too form fitting and said I couldn't leave until I changed. I said if I had to change, then Megan should too since she is a bit buster than I am, which made her clothes unacceptable as well. Turns out parents don't like being told what to do by their children and Dad told me to mind my own buisness and change. I wouldn't, and he said no one was going anywhere until I did.
I wouldn't.
I didn't.
I didn't go to the dance.
(But i didn't change either so...I win?)

Homeschooled= I had a very positive experience being homeschooled, it fit my personality very well. Mom gave us our assignments and after we were done we could go do what we wanted. This ment if we were done quickly we had a lot of free time, it also means if we weren't, we didn't. Mom took us on a lot of field trips with the other homeschoolers in the area, she also took us to the library a lot, enrolled us in a lot of community programs... that sort of thing. When I said I wanted to become a Vet she spoke to a local clinic and got me enrolled as a volunteer there. All of my siblings and I have tested well on our yearly exams (except maybe in math- except megan, she was good at Math).

INTJ= This is based on the Myers & Briggs personality test and stands for (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging) from what I remember about 10% of the population are INTJ's which is good because from what I've read it means we are hard to get along with.

if you care here is a bit more about INTJ's. Or here.

Scorpio= Umm... This one is a bit embarassing so look it up yourself. Or from what I've read, Scorpio's are hard to get a long with.

Perkins= Our motto is "It's Ok, if we dont' win- just so long as YOU don't win!"

Homeschooled, INTJ, Scorpio, Perkins = STUBBORN!


katperkins said...

I will say that you had a lot more fun being homeschooled. You got to take art classes. Mom signed me up for extra history and PE classes. I was pretty fat, but still. You had kids to play with. Mom got a psycho girl who smelled like eucalyptus oil to homeschool with in 6th grade. Her dad also bragged how he could just set his plate on his gut and eat off of it. They also thought that in case of a car accident they could lift their legs up for protection instead of using a seat belt. Last I heard she's a stripper in Hickory. Overall, I was pretty lonely and very proficient at English and History, but still can't mulitply, divide, add, or subtract fractions. I'm not really sure why everyone is on my case for poking fun at home schooling. My experience was not like everyone else's.

katperkins said...

I'm also going to say that if you don't attempt this race, you're going to regret it the rest of your life. At least I know I would. You'll never know if you could have done it. I really thought the osteoporosis comment would get more flack than the homeschooling stuff.

Matthew said...

I think you definitely won the dress incident. Rather similar to the Eagle scout escapade, which was one of my greatest triumphs. Anyway, I don't think we are stubborn per se, it's more a thing of not accepting external domination. There's a big difference between that and "stubborn".

megan said...

i remember said dress incident and terra's dress was not hte same as mine. yes they both had green and blue plaid but terra's was a good two to three inches shorter and a much more mature cut. it was to bad. that dance was really fun.

the quaetion you need to ask yourself is "do i like to run?" if the answer is yes then don't do the fifty miler. i have ran enough races with you that i am willing to say you will get hurt doing this without dad. it might be a little but it might be enough that you do permanent damage. be smart. don't let people help you think you NEED to do this race.

Josh said...

on the other hand, and in complete agreeance with megan, don't let people think you SHOULDN'T run this race.

Jonas said...

NC is nice, especially at this time of year.

Terra said...

The dresses were the SAME! THey were of the knitted jersey type that came tot he mide calf and had a scooped neckline- Dad said mine was too form fitting.

megan said...

is this one of your imaginary memories? i think several siblings will back me up in saying sometimes you get things a little mixed up.