Friday, May 26, 2006

As you know I've been subjecting myself to scrapbooking Jason's mission which he has been ephusivly praising...I am now completely mission photo saturated and will vomit if I see another one in the near future.

I have started widening my subject matter but have hit a snag- Jason's mother.
She is a bit of a pack rat which is good and bad.

Bad-She has junk tucked into every corner imaginable all precious to her as discovered in their recent move.

Good- She has BOXES and BOXES full of memoribelia stuffed into every corner imaginable. All falling apart due to improper storage.

Now, as a self proclaimed snoop (hey! How else am I supposed to find out stuff?) I would like to be able to get ahold of copies at least of Jason's childhood photos, the problem is, is that each of these boxes has it's own filing system none of which is by child. I also like to scan in the photos so that I have easy access to all the photos and can print out copies with little effort.

Would it be bad to scrapbook the current copies of the photos knowing she has said she intends to scrapbook them herself...also knowing that dispite owning enough scrapbook crap to be able to scrapbook for an entire year with out stopping - she will never actually do it. And even less likely is she to look in the snazzy tupperware containers she keeps them to even notice they aren't there anymore.

Should I just continue on my way and if she (ever)notices print replacements or continue to use up resources so that when she dies we get to slog through all the photo's fighting over who get what.

There is also the little matter of a little over 40 undeveloped roles of film sitting in a basket at thier house.



katperkins said...

Well, I don't too much care about Jason's pictures. However, it has come to my attention that you have a great deal of the childhood pictures from our family. Is this true? Because if it is, I don't really think that's fair. You're not the only one who wants to see them and I think they should be kept with Mom and Dad.

Matthew said...

I'm thinking it might be better leave the heilpern photos where they are for the time being. Besides, we have another secret project to work on at the moment =)

As far as you having family pictures, I don't really mind that, because you are taking better care of them.

Terra said...

Katie, actually I have COPIES of childhood pictures and I'm missing most of yours. I borrowed them, scanned them and returned them to Mom and Dad. Matthews I scanned and mailed to him because Mom wanted him to have them- Abby's I borrowed with permission from her, scanned them and returned them to her. Same with Becca.
I started scanning them because I wanted access to Dad's childhood photos and realised that as the middle of 7 the likely hood was slim that I would ever get any.

katperkins said...

I have mine. Also, if the Hielperns have that many undeveloped rolls of film they're probably ruined by now. My photography teacher said that undeveloped film really doesn't last past a year.

Terra said...

I know that's what kills me- I want to see if I can get them developed and just put online so we can see what is left.

katperkins said...

I'm not trying to be a smartass, but what does "ephusivly" mean?

Matthew said...

Everyone knows that undeveloped rolls of film are always perfectly usable decades later. They hold pictures of who shot JFK, alien abductions, your long-lost sibling your parents tried to hide from you, and the loch ness monster. Sometimes all at once. I saw it all on TV.

Jonas said...

I still havn't seen so much as 1 pixel of my sister Meghans wedding photos.

Terra said...

She has them- but let me see what I can do about your problem.

katperkins said...

Well, since you decided to ignore me, I looked it up. You spelled it wrong.