Thursday, June 01, 2006

well nothing all that interesting has happened to me lately so I decided in the spirit of blogging to bore you to death with "unhappenings" of my life.

* I went sunbathing today since my apt just opened up the pool and there a few days left before it's overrun with children.

* I excersized in the nifty gym we have here as well.

* I have started summer school and am taking Statistics- drivign to the outer reaches of hell three times a week because in rush of Nevins wedding I forgot to pay my tuition bill and they dropped me from the class being held closer to home.

* I got a full nights sleep last night because the small devil Jason calls a kitten decided to not stomp on my face all night.

* I got to talk to Lisa (not LISSA) last night and hear all about her wedding and can't wait until she sends out the wedding ablum.

* Jessica (Jason's sister) is arriving today and is staying for two weeks for a wedding and job interviews.

* I booked 3 more weddings.

* My contract book got stolen.

* I'm photographing one this weekend.

* I found out that you just can't find a 5 volt power cable in the U.S and when you do it costs $30.00. BUt that doesn't even matter because I don't have the sofetware for the device that needs the cord.

* I saw a blue tailed lizzard and wished I had my video camera so I could show Stella.


Melissa said...

Speaking of wedding pictures. Do I still get a copy of yours? I haven't received anything. Call me, I still want an update on the events from Monday.

Dad said...

What a delightfully uneventfully eventful day.

katperkins said...

You know, there's no need to be bitchy about Lisa's name. It is not absurd to suggest that you were spelling her name wrong. Especially when it should be spelled with an extra "s."

Matthew said...

I Jessica supposedly going to be living near you guys? Why is she coming down for job interviews?

Terra said...

Katie- the comment about Lisa's spellign her name was tounge in cheek- if you recall I said that I had also thought it was spelt Lissa rather than Lisa and also thought it was a strange way to spell her name.

Matt- yes, Jim didn't get into Nursing school at the U of U and as Jessica wants to be closer to family they have been exploring their options on this side of the country.

Bonnie said...

I appreciated the clarification again. I would have been asking myself "who is lisa?"