Wednesday, May 10, 2006

In preperation of my promised "Stella Video's" (I'm not sure why I still call them Stella Video's since they have other people on them as well.)
I have decided to have a Stella Video marathon starting with video #1 and working my way through the complete set.

In other news Scottie ate part of one of my european dark chocolate bars but so far has shown no sign of getting sick off of it.
I also am taking my calculas final today. Blegh.

I think I am depressed again.

I am covering a wedding this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Obviously you are doubly depressed, but go get them on your calculus class!!!!

Matthew said...

My goal was also a C in calculus. Thank God I made it. Anyway, I hope your videos arrive soon. This will be quite a marathon though... We've sent out a lot of videos.