Thursday, May 04, 2006

3rds the charm

I have changed my third tire of all time!
I was heading out to go take the Heilperns myopic dog out for a walk when one of the maintenance guys at my apt complexe pointed out my very flat tire (passenger rear).

So I relocated my stash of comfort clutter out of the trunk, pulled out my spare tire and realized I couldn't find my tire jack.
So I called Shellie thinking I could borrow hers and not 5 seconds after she answered I found my tire jack- in a little hidded nook in my trunk.

This tire jack has to be the most disfunctional tire jack of all time- or I was using it wrong.

Yeah, you're right it couldn't have been me, and must have been the jack.

So I jacked the car up and managed to get the extremely cheesy rim off the tire to find that the lug nuts looked kind of corroded on to my car.
Not good.
So I called my Dad to see if he had any suggestions on how to remove them.

"Stand on the crow bar, and use your weight to loosen them."

Alrighty then!

So I stand on the crow bar and nothing happens - except a car goes by and the occupants star at me.
So I give a little bounce while standing on the crow bar- it moves a little- so I bounce again.
It works! Yay!

In no time at all I have the tire off and the spare out on and am on my way. And I did it all in a skirt too!


Jonas said...

They should have girl cars, with the jack mounted on the dashboard in plain view. Then on the fenders they could have instructions for standing on lug wrenches.

Bonnie said...

Way to go Terra!

Anonymous said...

See, it pays to listed to your father. Just always make it little safe bounces. 143

Terra said...

The last time I changed a tire the jack was under the tire in the trunk- not this time!

Coupled with the fact I had never actually needed it before I wasn't sure there was one.

katperkins said...

Terra, for the billionth time, it's a hubcap not a rim. But good job anyway.

Terra said...

then what makes a rim?

Jonas said...

A rim is what the tire is mounted on. A hub cap usually covers up an ugly steal rim. The tire is the rubber with compressed air inside wrapped around the rim.