Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Shellie must be having kittens over the new American Idol winner Taylor Hicks- she's loved him from the start for his "love of music" plus the fact that he was older helped herinfatuation- I personally think he's a bit weird and that he is more fun to watch sing than to hear sing.

Unlike my favorite Elliot Yamin, who I can't wait to hear on his own CD. I'm just glad that Elliot got as far as he did since I didn't think he would win and if you get to the final three than your chances at a record deal go up dramatically.


Bonnie said...

They were all amazing weren't they! I'm happy for Taylor too. Apparently, somehow they track demographics and surprise, surprise women between 30-54 REALLY liked Taylor (count me in!) and 2/3 of the men voting voted for the gorgeous Ms. McPhee. If you girls decide to go to the American Idol concert, call me!

Mrs. K said...

Sorry Terra, I caught mcpheever, and left the soul patrol many moons ago.