Tuesday, June 27, 2006

His luggage has finally arrived.
It was flown in at 8 am today, and a message was left on my phone so that the delivery people could confirm that someone would be here to sign for the bags, but unfortunatly they didn't leave a call back number so I got to go through the automated system so that I could be told that there was no way to call the office that they would send a message to call me again.

After this conversation I got a hold of Jason who told me that Dad had decided to make them drive the luggage up to Boone. It was then, there was a knock at the door...yep, it was the delivery people.

The solution is that Dad and I are meeting for lunch tomorrow and making the drop off, so that Mom has a chance to enjoy some pastry's that he brought back for her.

In other news after a hard sell from my friend Melissa who described the benifits she gets from working part time for US Airways (the people who lost Dad's bags) I have decided to apply for a Customer Service position.
WHen I told Jason he kind of laughed at me like I was making a joke and said "but you hate people". "Not true, I just don't have much use for most of them." "I can be nice when it's my job."
I'm hoping I get it because with a mere 64 hours a month I will be able to fly anywhere in the US for free (standby) but the biggest incentive of all is that I can get to Frankfurt for under $300 and only pay about 10% of the face value for the connecting ticket to Beruit!
Throw a $3,000 ticket price at me will you! It is nothing but a small stumbling block on my quest for cool stamps in my passport and to mooch off my brother, where ever he moves too!


Melissa said...

Terra, you misunderstood. $300 is the TOTAL round trip price from Charlotte to Beruit. It will be around $80 round trip to Frankfurt and the remaining amount is the high end ball park price for the ticket from Frankfurt to Beruit.

Mary Ann said...

Because Beirut has a monopoly on their airport.

That's a fantastic deal. How long til you qualify to take advantage of it?

Matthew said...

That's fantastic news! My day just got a whole lot brighter. I'm ecstatic.

On the whole customer service thing, I thought you did a really nice job dealing with the nutcases at the Marriot. You have very good customer service skills.

Melissa said...

Flight benefits on US Airways kick in after 14 days of employment. (That means you can fly on day 15)It is anywhere from 90 days to 6 months before you can fly on other airlines. I will check on the airlines that fly into Beruit!

Having worked side by side with Terra I know that just because she doesn't like people doesn't mean she isn't good at helping them. Besides, anyone who says they enjoy working with people in those situations is lying!

Melissa said...

Lufthansa airline flies from Frankfurt to Beruit. Flight benefits kick in after 6 months of employment. I still can't find how far it is from Frankfurt to Berlin but the cost chart is as follows (amount is round trip): 1-450 miles $42, 451-750 miles $52, 751-1600 miles $62, 1601-3200 miles $90, 3201 - 4080 miles $104. The chart goes on, but I don't think that Beruit is more than 4000 miles from Frankfurt. So I was wrong. The price is less than $200 total, round trip from Charlotte to Beruit!

Bonnie said...

That's incredible! We haven't had any Internet for about a week and a half so I have gotten behind but why didn't you mention this this morning when you were here? Do you think you have a good shot? When will you know? I really hope this works out for you.