Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Well, I'm back from North Augusta.
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Aunt Barbara and Uncle Tami decided that they really wanted to go away for their anniversary and so Dad, Megan and Isabella and I made the trek to the far end of South Carolina.
It's a boring drive.
Not as borning as the drive to Abby's but still boring. Plus I had to do it by myself!
They day started at about 8am with Scottie breathing on me in a way designed to motivate me to take him out for his morning constitutional. I got packed without a problem but then couldn't find my keys.
Then the internet started acting up and wouldn't let me mapquest my directions.
By then I was running late of my desired departure time, so I got in the car without directions.
Yes, you read correctly, I didn't have directions and still got in the car and expected to reach my destination.
Actually I figured I could call Dad from the car and get the directions from him while I drove.
no answer...
I called answer...
hmmm... I called Aunt answer.
Somehow this brilliant plan wasn't going as I planned.
Then Dad called me back and after the pregnant pause when he heard my plan he provided the needed information.
I got there without problem and on time! yay!
Nana and I had a nice lunch and talk while we waited until the main event (Isabella) arrived.
Isabella has a super power did you know that?
She can smell a "sucker" a mile away and it's name is "Terra". I spent the weekend impersonating a dog and fetching pennies from the bottom of the pool. I also provided her with "chipzles" which are the Nana classic of chocolate covered pretzles (home made- it makes the difference). We colored, we also blew bubbles, got water in her eyes as well as lowered her off the diving board to the waiting hands of either Megan or I. Yes, that is where the water in the eyes occured.
I also got several VERY cute photos of Isabella that I will add to this post. I ran with Dad (we took shifts, so that there was always someone with Nana and Isabella) that way we would wear out the old man.
I got to watch Nana get irritated with Dad because he got bossy with her over a protien drink aunt barbara told us she needed to drink. (that was actually fun, since it distracted her from Megan and I and her feelings on what we should be doing at that moment.)


The Grubbs said...

The links are probably at the bottom of the page becasue the picture slideshow is too wde. Make the width smaller and it should fix it for you.

Matthew said...

Stella has just spent the last few minutes telling me that she would like to take a ladder and get in that picture. Also, she wants to take you to the pool near our house to swim.

Dad said...

Great post. It was fun wasn't it!

Jonas said...

Looks like an alignment value problem to me.

Cute picture!