Monday, July 17, 2006

My Dream

Yesterday I woke up all groggy due to the medication I had taken to help me sleep. I was lucide enough to remember my dream from the night before.
It started out with me floating in the ocean on a pool chair minding my own business, waiting for my hair die to set. It was about that time that I started becomming concerned about sharks and worked my way to the pier in order to get out. It was then that another character came pelting up in their efforts to escape a shark that was visibly chomping at their feet. (odly enough I think that agent guy from the TV show The 4400 was helping us all onto the pier).

After everone was safely on land my attention turned to my hair.
Platenum blond with pink stripes- and bangs. I rememeber by dream self thinking "why did I die my hair again? I just died it yesterday (true) and how did I get long hair? ah! I must have gotten extensions, of course!

From their my beach dream changed location to what looked like one of those skater parks, except everyone was lugeing on land. and Gewndolynne Collins was there to show me how to do it. So I get in this shoot with my awful looking hair, with no helmet on and get shot out into this lugeing course. Where Becca comes up and stops my progress to ask where they are selling the CTR rings. To which I reply that I have no idea and to ask Megan (she knows things).
I continue on my merry way through the pastures of grass until I slow to a halt...where I meet up with Keri Hipps and exclaim that, "that was fun! I want to do that again!" and had the presence of mind to wish I had my video camera so that I could tape this and send it to Matt.

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cheeky*r said...

Wacky dream! Just dropped by to see how you were doing (checked Matt's blog too, but see it's been taken down--hope all's well). Drop me a line sometime. Love all the pics:)