Monday, July 17, 2006

I was exersizing this evening while watching the news coverage of the situation in Beriut when the little ticker at the bottom of the page announced that the Highway between Beriut and Damascus had been bombed.
The location that Matt had been taken by BUS to!
So I got off the stair stepper and called the Cabin to see where exactly Matt had been taken (I got alot of the city names mixed up) yep- Damascus.

So even though it would be around 4am in the middle east I decide to call his cell phone- it won't go through. Then ,I got it to ring but no answer...


Mom calls me back and says she can't find anything on a bombing on the hwy.


So far nothing has been reported online- I do know I did see it on the Fox News while listening to Newt Gingritch mix making a valid point with being a butt head.
who would name their child "Newt"? I am now trying to decide if it's better to stay up and try and call them in their morning or get up early and try in their afternoon. Or of course their is the option of panicing and goign strait for the Zanex.

In other news I bought a new pair of shoes- in mint green.


megan said...

the part of the road that was bombed was probably in lebanon not syria. isreal wouldn't bomb syria now so i'm sure they are fine.

katperkins said...

They bombed that road like the second day of attacks. I think the news has just been doing continued coverage on it b/c I saw stuff on the news about it yesterday afternoon.

Bonnie said...

Damascus was their destination (we thought) but they were departing from N. Lebanon not Beirut. They crossed over into Syria and headed south thus avoiding the highway that had already been bombed. And just for the record Israel was not bombing tourist destinations but eliminating routes of escape for the terrorists who have been randomly bombing their civilians for years. Your hysteria is making you irrational. Faith casteth out fear. Our family has been blessed and protected throughout this ordeal. I hope you enjoy your new shoes.

5:52 AM

Josh said...

newt is an unfortunate name, but his point is true, if not a difficult pill to swallow. this situation would be resolved much more quickly if we could all accept the true nature of the conflict and take steps to quickly and decisively eradicate terrorism.

Bonnie said...

It would be unforgivable to name your child after a kind of salamander. His given name is Newton, maybe after Sir Issac Newton or maybe just the cookie.

Demanda said...

I have heard things here and there about beruit having some attacks. I don't watch the news much. I have been thinking about Matt and family and hope they are doing well. Are they coming this way? Hope you are doing well also and enjoying married life!