Friday, August 25, 2006

Call him Kiki

I have decided to re-name my dog.
My dog is a 63 lbs, 15 year old mutt whom I love. He rocks!
He has lived his entire life outside and only recently became an inside dog. I was a little worried about potty breaks, chewing and other undesireables but basically he has been an angel from day one.
In fact on the car ride home he whined and pawed at the door of the car to let us know he needed to go to the bathroom.
The only downside is his dragon breath (although it does come in handy when Jason tries to tickel me because if I call him he will come up and breath on Jason, who will then let me go).
I have started to realize that I kind of spoil scottie though. First it started with little things like getting him ham bones, then giving him treats everytime he came back from walks. But it seems like overnight I"ve turned into someone who should have a dog named Kiki. I give scottie popsicles when I get one out of the fridge and just now, I gave scottie a rib bone left over from dinner, but it had sauce still on it so I was going to put him in the bathroom to eat it, but he was so sad looking that I changed my mind and put down a towel for him to eat on.

I feel a little silly but he sure is happy.

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Matthew said...

I suggest Tricki Woo.