Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The week before Hell broke loose...

I was enjoying a week with my brother invading his privacy to fullfill my own need to spend time with him and his family when the phone rang.

Jason:My car is broken.

Terra: what do you mean broken?

Jason: there is smoke comming out from under my hood.

Katie: Is he calling Terra for mechanical advice?!

Terra: Smoke or steam?

Jason: Ah, Man! My engine is dying, I think I can make it to work though...Oh, Man! yep it's dying, ah, Crap it's dead. I've got to pull over I'll call you back.

Terra: What the heck just happened?

15 minutes later...

Jason: Terra the radiator blew.

Terra: How do you know?

Jason: There is a big hole in it.

Terra: oh.

Jason: I'll find out how much it will cost and call you back, I'm calling a friend to come pick me up.

Terra: OK.

Matt: If he drove it to long that could mean the engine is gone now.

Terra: Don't even say that.

3 days,several fights between Jessica and Jennifer as well as two dosages of Xanex later...
I'm sitting in the car with Jessica and Jim after a successful hunting trip to find an additional shovel for our sandcastle efforts.
The phone rings.

Jason: Terra I found out that the whole engine is blown and will need replacing.

Terra: what!?!! How much is the estimate?

Jason: $3000.00

Terra: Well, I have no solutions and will need you to figure out a plan on how we will do this.

Jason: OK. I'll see what I can do.

fun, fun , fun...oh, and did I mention a huge chunk of my filling fell out on this trip leading to a future post on the "Dentist I love to hate".

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Jonas said...

Well that was an expensive way to learn to watch your gages.