Friday, August 18, 2006


I know, I know it's been a while.

two weeks with my brother, two - no- three weddings, a week and the beach with my in-laws, a blown radiator=blown engine, a root canal and my sister in-law and her husband have succesfully moved from Utah to NC. And my sister is moving from NC to Utah at the end of the month.

And I write NOTHING!

Well here is where it all started...

It was a dark and stormy night a lone figure was sitting my a crackling fire contemplating a question I think we all have at some point in our lives. "Should I kidknapp several Israili soldiors or shouldn't I?"
"Ah, what the heck, I think I will!"

A few days later another lone figure (well he might have had a few friends over, but that's not the point) asked himself another question I'm sure we have all asked ourselves at some point. "Should I bomb Beruit until they give me back my Israili soldiors?" "yes, yes I think I should!"

A few days later...
"Well, Dad I got out of Beriut, it only took a week for permission and 25 hours in a charter bus along with some green to grease the gates, and suddenly Siria is the new place to take your family on vacation!"
"The weathers great Stella is getting a tan, and Mary Ann is getting whiter if that is even possbile but we like it here so much I think we'll stay for a bit longer until I find a really GOOD deal on airfare."

While all this was going on...across the seas...

Nana: They are all going to get blown up! I know it! If I was there I would just march up to those naughty boys and tell them what we did in my kindergarten class when little boys misbehaved!"

Dad: Well, Matt just let me know your plans when you get them. Glad your safe.
(whispering) I think I will arrange a family get together right after they get off the 18 hour flight- with any luck they will be so exhausted they won't put up a fight."

Mom: I didn't want him "over there" with "those people" in the first place but would he listen to me? nooooo, don't listen to your own mother WHO BIRTHED YOU! SHE DOESN'T KNOW ANYTHING!!!
What are you whispering over there Dan? WHAT! THat is a horrible idea! Are you insane?! Yes I would wait to see him if it was in his best interests (but I am his mother after and the situation is a bit different).

Megan: Matt, Mom and Dad are insane you might want to take your chances in Siria.

Terra: Well it's a good thing I didn't buy that air plane ticket, I doubt they give rain checks due to military unrest. I'm glad I still get to see Matt and everyone and that they are not getting bombs dropped on them anymore. (yeah, whatever, it's my story and I can tell like I want to- don't cloud the issue with facts).

Becca: (cricket, cricket)-I have no idea what they thought since I didnt' talk to them over this time period.

Abby: (cricket, cricket)- I have no idea what they thought since I didnt' talk to them over this time period.

Katie: I'm glad I don't live at home anymore. I'm glad they are safe(r).


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P.S. Matt, I'm glad you and your family made it out safely!