Saturday, October 28, 2006


I was feeling cranky this morning due in part to some icky dreams where whole buildings were blown up and Mom told us we were going to be running in a race and I got all ready and then she said that it would just be cheaper and easier to run it after everyone was all done.

To cheer myself up I thought I would sign on to and place some bogus votes for my castle but it wouldn't let me place more than two!
Foiled again!

last night I finished a shirt I've been sewing and made excellent headway on one of my christmas projects which I can't tell you what it is because Grandma Pat todl me she actually reads my blog- which may o may not be true- who knows. I also found the correct kind of thread for another project which I can tell you about because Matt told me to chose something else for Mary Ann.

What it is, is Grandma Pat (or G.P) hand sews and embroiders temple aprons for all her children and grandchildren (and sometimes spouses) She made mine and it's really beautiful- it reminds me of Mom's (who I was upset with until I found out that she didn't give Megan her apron but just lent it to her for her wedding=))
Anyway... I wanted to see if she would teach me to make them as well but she won't be back in town until christmas and I want Sarah's finished for a christmas pressent so I'm doing it through copying mine and embroidery books. The problem has been finding the proper type of thread- I couldn't find it anywhere until yesterday..

I also finished Jason's cloak. He is very excited about it and is wearing it today at some boy scout camp thing the knights group is doing.

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Dad said...

You are making me tired just thinking about all that stuff, let alone doing it. Take a few naps instead.