Sunday, October 29, 2006

a lot of photos

I will trade these photos for a new photo on his site:
(yeah, I realize his kids are way cuter than the contects of these photos's all I've got.)

My new haircut- after straitening.

My mint green shoes coupled with a pair of socks that Jason nescribed as "possibly the most unsexy sight he had ever seen".

The cloak I made Jason for his knights outfit.

The new shirt I sewed this weekend.


Matthew said...

I like the new hair, and there should be some new video on my site tomorrow.

megan said...

am i seeing correctly that you not only took am annual hair cut but also my racing horns?

Terra said...

If only- your hair cut is actually cute where mine just has the akward look of being half grown out of some style.- but yeah, I took your racing horns (like you hadn't seen me with them before)

Bonnie said...

That may be your most dramatic change yet! I think I like it. The cut is very cute but I'll have to get used to the color. Congratulations on all the sewing you've been doing. That top is darling. Looks a bit Japanese. And of course Jason's cape is as rustic as it should be. Were any actual rabbits sacrificed for it? I don't suppose faux fur would work

Terra said...

It's actual rabbit fur but I found an old rabbit fur coat at Goodwill for $6 and cut it up.

Jonas said...

The hair looks good to me. I like the shirt too.