Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I had this wierd dream last night where the car I was riding in blew a tire, so I got out to change the and realised that two tires where blown (but only one spare) so I kept trying to fix what I could when I saw a big cylo of milk blow up.
It was then that the car turned into scottie and it was his hip joint that was messed up.

I woke up after that.

In other news Jason was asked this morning if he was ready for his "Feat of Combat" which is the last thing he needs to do before his knighting ceremony.
He's very excited.


Jason Heilpern said...

Scared out of my mind and nervous might be a better description!

Dad said...

Nothing should scare you after being married to my daughter and having me as a father-in-law. You have weird dreams Terra.

Jonas said...

I would interpret your dream to mean that you are worried about your aging dog. You know you can't fix him no matter what you try. The silo of milk exploding represents your dogs youth and strength withering away but the symbol of the explosion would be that you just realised he is not going to be around forever. You may have had this dream because of guilty feelings that your long time companion has grown into old age while you are barely starting the prime years of your life.

Dad said...

Who is Jonas talking about? Scottie or your father? Okay, so he is talking about both of us.