Saturday, October 14, 2006

Part 2

10:30am- Jason wakes me up with Breakfast in bed.

12:30pm - I head out to take photos of the bride getting ready

1:00pm- I have just hit traffice at concord mills road

1:30pm- I call the bride to let her know I am stuck in traffic, I'm also pretty sure they are as well.

They are.

I take this time to call Megan and Matt and catch up a bit. I then decide I should get my hair cut.

What a good idea. NOT.

I am now the owner of the 2nd worst hair cut I've ever had. It is NOT what I asked for, or that I illistrated with a photograph.

3:15pm - the groom arrives.

3:20pm - I use some of this free time taking photos of the groom and his party.

4:00pm the children and the maide of honor arrives.

4:20pm- I start handing out the candy I keep in my purse- a fight almost starts between a mother and son. Another relative takes a McDonalds order. There is a rumor that the bride is here- it's proven untrue, she has gone to a local relatives house to shower not realizing that, that house is locked.

4:30pm - she calls to get someone to bring her the keys.

4:45pm- I descover that I can get a weak signal on Jason's laptop that I packed because there was supposed to be a few hours between the ceremony and the reception.

5:00pm - I blog and wait......


Jonas said...

How about a phot of this hair cut?

Jason Heilpern said...

May I point out that I find her hair cut very hot and extreamly sexy. However my opinion on this matter seems to not matter!

Terra said...

I believe you said the same thing when I dyed my hair that horrible orange color....

Jason Heilpern said...

No I didnt it was obvious that I was trying to keep you from crying.

Melissa said...

1st - I second the request for photographic proof of said haircut. Maybe we could have a poll and only your friends can vote so as to ensure that you will feel better about yourself. ;)

2nd - Jason, how do we know that it isn't obvious that you are keeping her from crying this time, seeing as she hates it so much.

3rd - I bet you are really glad now that when you where talking about having your wedding in Charlotte, that I warned you about checking for race weekends!