Saturday, October 14, 2006

part 1

Last night I went to the rehursal of one of my bookings, I arrived at 4:05pm and found only the pianist so I left and went and got some seaweed salad to snack on. I came back at 4:30pm and found a grandfather and aunt, uncle and cousin at the church but no bride or groom.

normally I don't go the rehursals because they are boring and pretty basic anyway, but since I hadn't met with the bride or really spoken to her about her wedding day I stuck around a little longer- long enough to lock my keys in the car.
I called Jason who sent our friend Lori to take me the keys.

Th ething is, is the reason that the wedding party was late was that Nascar was having a race and so every one was slogging through race traffic.

Lori arrived shortly before the Bridal party at 6pm.


Dad said...

How Fun.

Dad said...

How double fun