Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Today I decided to pull myself out of my own self absorbtion and go birthday present shopping for Mary Ann who (no offense intended) is REALLY hard to shop for!

Her interests are focused enough that any onld thing on art won't suffice not to mention that you have to figure in shipping arrangements when making a purchase.

All of these criteria were on my mind when I headed toward the mall (which admittedly isn't really the place to find a present for someone as original as Mary Ann).
I'll save you the borring middle part of this story and just let you know I didn't find anything.
As I was walking past a jewlery storefront one of the displays caught my eye...
I leaned over to get a closesr look at it and BAM!
I want you to think of the noise that you can make when you get frustrated and slam your hand against a table or desk and add a kind of ricocheting vibration to it and you'll get the noise I made when I bashed my forhead into the shatter proof (whew!) glass of the store window.
My vision and brain had apparently not taken into account that there was a difference between the jewlery case and the store fron window.

And yes, the store clerk heard it and came to see what had happened.
yes I put on my best "I didn't see/hear anything" face and continued to look for about another 45 seconds and then walked with "purpose" to a location anywhere but there.


Matthew said...

That's pretty much how all jewelry shopping for MA turns out =) Don't feel bad.

Dad said...

It must be comforting to know that you get your coordination from your father, as well as, all your other wonderful attributes. 1433

Jason Heilpern said...

Hmmmm Interesting how you didnt mention this story last night.

Mary Ann said...

I had no idea that I am so hard to shop for. Really, I don't expect a gift at all (ever, from anyone, really). I don't know how such low expectations could cause so much stress. Am I doing something I'm not aware of? Maybe I have failed to show sufficient gratitude in the past.

Please rest assured that I've never gotten a "dud" present. I am always touched whenever anyone thinks of me , even if it doesn't result in a tangible gift. Don't worry about finding the right thing, I'm just happy to be on your mind some of the time.