Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Another day of bordom

I think I've figured out what's going on with Scottie's rash. I think he's allergic to his food. Oh, I know it sounds crazy but I think it might be true.
(This opinion is based soley on the opinion of a lady who works in my apt. office- who's dog is allergic to his food and had the same syptoms.)

Spock has been acting weird for the last week or so and Jason was worried there was something wrong wit him. He has been running away from Jason and meowing really LOUDLY for no reason we could find. He has also started biting Jason when he tries to pick him up. Jason thought it was because I am "mean" to him (Spock) but it turns out that Spock is hitting puberty and is trying to assert dominance over....Jason! heheheh, turns out that Spock hasn't been doing anything to me because he already thinks I'm bigger and meaner than he is because I started asserting MY dominance a while ago when he started jumping on my face when he was a kitten.

Fred is still the same ol' phsycopath that he has always been.

I went up to Boone last week and brought Isabella a tea set I got at goodwill a while ago.
It's an awsome tea set.
It looks like Nana's Lebanese coffee set that she wouldn't let us play with as children but will now let her great grandchildren play with it (I'm only a little bitter =)). When i gave it to Isabella she told me that it was "exactly what she wanted" of course she also said that about the tic tacs I gave her as well.
So through gifts and flattery I have maintained my status as a preferred aunt for another visit.

and for your viewing pleasure random photo#3


Melissa said...

Did you get the strawberry hat done?

Jonas said...

Is that Bonnie? Holy wowsers!

Terra said...

It is. Wait until you see the photo of dad from that day =)