Thursday, December 14, 2006

I have peaked and now want nothing to do with gift giving christmas- I wouldn't mind if it was just like Thanksgiving where everyone just gets together and enjoys eachothers company.

OH, I haven't done anything more than what I posted earlier but I dont' want to either.

Today i work until 4pm and then I'm going to go home for a bit to do some photography work and then call Jessica to see if she wants to go sopping with me but aslo because I need to hem Katharine's wedding cloak and Jessica is the same height as Katharine (I also think the shoulders look funny so I will adjust them as well).

I was almost finished with Isabella's strawberry hat (the red part) when I realised that it is to SMALL this time (I kept thinking it would stretch just fine) so I had to take it all out again and enlarge it a bit more. I know she'll remember the hat this weekend and I promised her I would bring it to her, so.....


Jason Heilpern said...

On a side compleatly biased husband comment. Terra worked on it for some time yesterday while watching Harry Potter for the 100,227,337,476th time and it was looking very nice. But I have to agree gift giving during the holidays is very stressful!

Matthew said...

Mary Ann and I are also having trouble with the gift issue. The forthcoming trip doesn't make it any easier. At least we live far away, so people have lesser expectations.