Wednesday, December 13, 2006

and it begins....

I bought my first christmas present last night. I was enjoying a stress free holiday when I thought I maybe should start the part that makes it miserable.

I bought a gift for Isabella =) and two for Jason.

It wasn't so bad but I'm starting to stress about getting everything and not forgettinga nyone I plan on getting presents for (no, don't worry siblings I ave cut down on my spirit of giving and have specific rules that get you on my giving list)

#1 christmas Eve name drawing.

#2 Be young enough that it really matters.

#3 Live far away so that I feel like you appreciate knowing someone loves you.

#4 Be my parent.

#5 Be a poor struggling student.

So if you don't meet these rules you aren't on my list. =)


Jason Heilpern said...

I dont see anything about your Husband on that list. ;)

Anonymous said...

glad i live so far away ;)

Anonymous said...

. . . where near and far are relative terms . . . I suppose those were listed in order of priority?