Thursday, December 28, 2006

This day is shapping up to be a long slow moving one.
I guess there's nothing like going back to work after a vacation.

Christmas was good.
Jason and I went up Saturday morning and becca and Joe got there Saturday evening just in time to make Gingerbread houses (actually we waited for them). Joe and Jason went to play pool while Josh, Megan, Becca, Abby, Sam and I mad the houses. Isabella helped both Megan and Abby with their houses.
Mine was the best (photos soon).
Christmas Eve was also fun, what with the usual people forgetting who they had and all of us sitting in silence, looking around waiting for someone to speak. In fact that's what happened when it was my turn.
No one knew who I had. Crickets were chirping until Megan who had been getting ready to lecture whoever had me (she had been in charge of the proxy drawings) when she realised that SHE had me.
It was very funny=).

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Dad said...

It was indeed a fun time!