Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Yesterday started at 4:45am when Melissa called to let me know that her plane had landed almost 45 minutes early.
We went out for "coffee" like we used to and talked for an hour or two until the banks were open and then I left her napping at my apt so that I could run a couple of boring errands.

We had fun not doing anything- We had lunch with Jason, went to get my cars registration renewed and found out that we couldn't at my local DMV but had to drive 20 minutes away instead and got there just in time to avoid a long line.
from there we went to a fabric store to get fabric for a cloak I'm making for one of Jason's friends. (Jason has since vetoed the fabric because it's not "rugged" enough). We also consulted nationally with Melissa's mother while trying to pick out some serger needles for the machine that Mom gave me (they turned out to be the wrong ones). From there we booked it to the airport to see Isabella and her choffer arrive from Utah. This is where We saw Mom arrive dressed as Mrs. Claus (she was a big hit- one guy was hear stating he wished he had his camera so he could get his picture with her)
Isabella is Sooooo Cute! She was peaking out from between the others passenger's legs while they rode down the escalator so that she could spot us.

Turns out that Megan told her we would be there and she wanted to make sure it was only Aunt Terra and not Uncle Jason too. Which I still find kind of funny since my self esteem is totally based on the affections of a three year old and this shows she likes me best but I'm also really curious as to WHY she doesn't like him because none of us can figure it out.

Oh, and Melissa and I got to witness the security gates Motion Activated security gate tell a woman "please step a away from the gate" in a loud booming voice while flashing yellow lights at her.
Very Cool.

Isabella ran strait towards me and gave me a knee hug and then she spotted Mom and kind walk/ran over to her- It was like she thought she knew who was standing there but wasn't SURE but was still happy to see the person who looked like Santa Claus.

Mom brought her a present that was a matching outfit the she immediately wanted to wear.
Melissa brought her a sugar cookie in the shape of a snow man that mom tried to talk her into eating after dinner but when asked she said she "would like to eat it now".


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful moment for Isabella and Bonnie. I'm glad you were there to capture it.
All the same, I'm sort of in shock I guess. I always knew that being here made me feel lonely, envious of everyone else who gets to be together, and I've always felt that my kids were missing out. This picture is a perfect illustration of why I feel that way.

Matthew said...

What a cute picture. I'm so glad they had a good time,

Terra said...

And that is why dispite the sencible offer to tell you the item I want to give the girls I choose to pay outragous postage =) Sometimes it's more important to get the box in the mail.

Anonymous said...

All your efforts to remember us are very much appreciated, Terra. We are lucky that you do so much.
I feel like an idiot because I have not yet thanked you for the complete fantasticness of the package you sent. I loved every last bit of it, but particularly the beaded ornament. I'd been hoping for a while that you'd make one fore me. So, here's to fulfilled wishes, and the hope that we will all be together some time soon.