Friday, December 08, 2006

yeah for me!

Jason and I went to Inner Peaks to go Rock Climbing (He gave me a membership for my birthday). Before Novmeber I hadn't been climbing in a year so i was pretty happy to be climbing routes graded at 5.7 but after a little warming up I've upgraded to easily climbing 5.7's and working at getting to the top of 5.8's. But last night I decided to try a 5.9 and was thrilled to get to the top with very little trouble- which was nice since I was climbing next to a 9 year old who was also climbing a 5.9.
I did fall off once but after comming back to the bottom and re-evaluating my route I had no trouble. I was very pleased with myself.

In other news I'm totally taking advatage of operation "Letters to Stella" and even started a letter before I realised I'm not really sure what you write to a three year old. What would she find interesting? Clearly she can't read it herself so Matt or Mary Ann could adjust the contents to be a little more acceptable but still...Just remember when I'm the favorite that you had your chance.

And in one last bit of news I really like me job which was a relief since I was beginging to think it was me that was the problem- crazy, I know- and to help with the monotony of doing mailings I have hooked up my photos to the screen saveer slide show which lets me look at pictures of all my cute nieces! It also lets me re-discover photos like this one.


Anonymous said...

Glad you like your new job. Do you have our full photo library?

Terra said...

I doubt it- I just have the stuff I scanned before I mailed it over to Germany.

megan said...

um, is that a picture of mary ann with a whig on?

Josh said...

megan, that's not polite. it's obviously real.

Anonymous said...

It isn't a whig--I wouldn't let a politician of any persuasion that close to me.

A wig? Yes, and my favorite. Back when it was taken (late summer '98) I owned about 8 of them. I wore this one to all my classes for the first half of the semester and I think a lot of teachers and classmates felt really decieved when I suddenly quit wearing it.

And then I shaved my head a few weeks before finals. BYU wasn't ready for me then, and they probably still aren't now.

Melissa said...

Terra, writing letters to 3 year olds is easy.

I had a lot of fun when you were here. Do you remember when we did_____?
Aunt Terra

I hear you went to _____ with Danielle and your Mom and Dad. I hope you had fun. I'm jealous because I always wanted to go there.
Aunt Terra

She's three. The object is to keep it short, simple and revolving around them.