Thursday, January 18, 2007

In Response....

Because I've chosen to make my blog private I thought I would also let everyone who has been invited to read it know how I chose to respond to Davids comments.
I left this as a comment on his own blog due to the lack of email.

I looked for your email but couldn't find it so I came here.I've made my blog private in response to your recent extremely hostil postings-I know you know, you just don't mess with family. Which is one of the reasons we laugh a little at jim-he hurt my sister a lot with his actions regarding their divorce. He has called her satan to his friends as well as phsyco- he made her cry and crushed her dreams for a lasting temple marriage. I lived in charlotte during that time and saw it up close- perhapse more so than you as Jim's friend from Morganton. I am not an advocate for divorce, it leaves scars that aren't seen- it doesn't matter what you get in the settlement no amount of material goods can erase a husband telling his wife he didn't think he ever loved her. I was lucky my husband never did say those words to me- I just knew they were true through his actions. We laugh at Jim beceause it helps us not hate him, that's all. I wanted to let you know why I was responding the way I've chosen too. I don't really care if you think I'm a crazy feminist or not, it doesn't hurt my feelings or cause me to doubt the validity of my interpretation of a self help book.

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Mary Ann said...

Bravo. You said it better than I could have.