Monday, January 22, 2007

Well we are moving to Midothlaon VA (right outside if Richmond) in the next few weeks.
Jason and I have looked at apts and found one that we like, the only problem is they only take pets up to 35 pounds and Scottie is NOT 35lbs. We're going to try and talk to them about it though.

From what I saw of Richmond, it's tired looking. Kind of reminds me of Michigan.
Jason is really excited about this opportunity.

In other news Jason lost another bet. THis time the bet was on whether or not in The Prisnor of Azcaban, Ron says that Harry's tea leaves tell him he will have "Trials and suffering" or "Childhood suffering"

I said "trials" he said "childhood".

In other news he refused to pay up when I tried to collect.


melbelle1017 said...

US Airways in Richmond is currently hiring part time employees. Apply now!

megan said...

man. i think i have only seen that twice and i knew that. plus he should know better then to challenge you at harry potter.