Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've been working at a temp position in the Mecklandburg County Property Assesment and Lands Records Management and what I do is, go through the yellow pages and check those listings against the computer to make sure everyone is filing when they open a business.

Here is a reply that we recieved in response to a letter we sent out.

Dear XXXX,
you have already taxed everything I own once. This includes all my personal property and residence @ this address. The busienss has no property that is not already taxed as my personal property. Is it not enough that you have trippled my property taxes on these items since 94 and devalued my land, placed an encroachment zone attached to it so I can't improve it or sell it, and now double tax me? I'm returning the forms since you've already been paid for everything I own.

Sincerely XXXXX

cracks me up!


melbelle1017 said...

I love it! It is almost as good as when I worked for the court and we received a response to a jury summons that stated that they were not going to show up because we were violating their constitutional rights. Someone needs to re-read the Constitution!

Jason Heilpern said...


Josh said...

i'm surprised he's already paid taxes in mecklandburg county. he really is getting taken for a ride!