Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Well I finally found a job I like and I had to give my notice.

Jason left for VA this afternoon and starts his job tomorrow. We found an apt. that will let us bring Scottie but didn't get the original one we wanted because their pet weight limit was 35lbs.
Scottie is not 35 lbs.
That leaves me to do most of the packing which I'm not looking forward to.
Jason seems to think that it's a matter of throwing stuff in boxes, so at least I get to do it my way while he is gone.
We did find out that our friend Donna's younger brother lives in the same ward/building as we will be moving to.
Jason's Dad (inparticular) have been making statements like" I think this move will be reall ygood for you" "I think everyone needs to live away from family at least once".
It was getting a little tiring until I realised that they don't seem to expect any active listening so I can just keep doing what ever it is that I was doing while they talk.


Josh said...

do you not think he has a point about living away from home? because sometimes i don't take things well from people who annoy the piss out me. hehe. family is great.. but i have enough family with isabella and megan right now. besides, isa doesn't need about 30 adults raising her (ie pulling her in different directions). we're only just starting to get her back to following our rules, and being her normal self from our christmas visit.

i know your situation's different.. but, you won't be much further from boone in richmond than in charlotte...

Terra said...

It's supposed to be 5 hours to Boone from Richmond and yes I do think that Jason will be happier with out his parents/family weighing in on his every move.

what are you talking about?! I was incredibly consistant with Isabella- I gave her presents and she loved me for them =)

melbelle1017 said...

Josh, one thing that the Heilpern's have a tendency to forget is that Terra has lived away from family before, about as far away as you are now ;). I agree that Jason will get a lot out of moving away, but Terra has been there before. I should know, I was there. :) They should be focusing their comments toward Jason and using Terra as an ally, not trying to convince Terra how good it will be for her.