Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This Christmas Dad gave each of the girls a book by Dr. Laura "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands".
This might have been in responce to the book that Mom gave the husbands last year for christmas which was "How to Iron your Own Damn Shirt" (which she changed to "Darn" with her label maker).

Anyway, Dad bribed us to read it by sticking a $20.00 bill in the book and saying we couldn't spend it until after we read the book.

I finished my copy last Sunday. I had been iterested in this book before because I have a couple of my friends who have read it and the ones who liked it were not the ones I would have thought.

I didn't particularly like it because I think it is idealistic and one demensional.


Matthew said...

See these are the things I miss out on by living so far away. I didn't know anything about either of these book cycles. Anyway, what were some of the recommendations of the book?

Melissa said...

You do realize that you don't need to follow her suggestions to the letter, don't you? It is the bigger picture that is important.

I really am sorry you feel that way. I really thought you would get a lot out of her books. I have.

megan said...

i think she has a point. the feminist movement has done some really bad things to our homes and husbands. she does take it to an extreme but i think that is just to get your attention. i think it really helps.

Jonas said...

I can't think of a more appropriate gift for a modern liberalized woman.

Perhaps the book was read by someone who is idealistic and one dimensional. Just not the same ideals and dimension that Dr. Laura expresses.

I find it interesting that there is a percentage of women who will read a book that if they implemented 1 idea out of their marriage would be better for it. Instead they reject the whole thing and call it one dimensional. Sounds counterintuitive and very un-liberating to me. That being said I don't agree myself with everything in that book.

Yes I have read it. (sigh) It actually helped me and my marriage. It made me understand my wife more.

I cracked up for like 10 minutes when I read the first sentence of your post.

Way to go Dan!

Melissa said...

I completely agree with you that there has to be at least one suggestion in the book that if implemented would help many marriages. I'm not even married and they have helped me with my relationship!

katperkins said...

He actually didn't give a couple to each of the girls, but not every girl is married. Or interested in getting married. Also, I'd thank you to stop discussing my boobs.

Matthew said...


Would you please clarify your statement:

"Perhaps the book was read by someone who is idealistic and one dimensional."

It would appear to me that this statement is directed toward the author of this blog.

Jonas said...


You are smart.

You are also more of a girl than any of your sisters.

Sorry dude, I have had with your snide comments and blog policing every time I challenge anything that one of your family members say, whether I do it politely or not.