Tuesday, February 06, 2007

my horrible rotten, no good, awful bad day

(in the side lines Katie tells me to cry her a river)

I wake up to find....Scottie got sick again...multiple times.
I clean it up, shut him back up in the bathroom and head to the denist.
I have to have some work done on my cap- nothing bad (defined as having to have those horrible numbing shots) but a trip to the dentist non the less.

I leave the dentist and head to work.
I get about a block down the road and hear a thumping so I pull over and discover I have a flat tire.
no problem, I pull over and get the spare out along with the jack...looking....looking...no crow bar.
As I start to call the Heilperns (they live 1 exit down from my location) a pick up truck pulls up and two guys ask if I need some help.
I tell them if they have a crow bar that would help- they think they do.
They don't and what they do have is not made for my tiny car vs their big truck.
I complete the call to the Heilperns and discover that they would rather sleep than make sure I'm not raped and left by the side of the road (I actually pulled over in a parking lot but they didn't know this). They had chosen to have james and his girlfriend stay for the Super Bowl and drive them back to Chapel Hill and Duke at 10pm at night not getting back to charlotte until (they claim) 4:30am. They could have taken the train back but noooo......
I call Donna- her crow bar is the wrong size.
I call Shellie- she is walking into class 30 minutes away.
I call Jason asking him if he took my crow bar out of the car (I know it WAS in thier becuase I've changed that cars tire before with out any trouble) he's in GA and can't do anything even if he had taken it but I was annoyed and cold at this point because I had lent James my nice Bass gloves that Dad gave me two birthdays ago while he played with Jason in Dagahir and James had given Jason one of the gloves.
James gave me the one glove back-I am never going to see the set again.

At the end of the ordeal I had five good ol' country boys standing around me and after asking several random people if they had a four way we/they had managed to change my tire and I was off to work a mere two hours late.
It wasn't even 10 am yet.

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