Monday, February 05, 2007

My Super Bowl Sunday:

9:00am- oh, crap! I'm going to be late for church!
9:01am- crap! ( no really Scottie had an upset stomach three times in the bathroom- thank goodness I had put him in there the night before)
9:01-9:15am- cleaning up the bathroom and taking out the dog.
9:15-9:30am- Gettin gmysefl ready trying to find all the items I have already packed because I thought I wouldn't need them for a while.
9:30-9:45am- driving to church

Church was supposed to start at 9:00am but the bishop was just starting his testimony when I walked in the doors.

9:45-10:25am various dead eyed children giving the same testimony one after another until a little girl got up and confused a talk with a testimony which brought back a memory of myself at a much younger age doing the same thing (although I think my mother stopped me from actually getting up on the stand with my confusion).

Sunday school 10:30am- 11:15am- Uneventfull.

Relief Society/ Priesthood- 11:15-12:00am - all about food storage.

Heard a funny story from Jessica on the way home:
Jessica is the Young Womens Secretary - she entered the womens restroom to find her sister, the Stake Councelors daughter and a friend skipping class. She didn't really care except for the "oh, crap, we've been caught" look they plastered on their faces (don't they know you sit in the handicapped stall with your feet up so no one can see you?) she started laughing when Jennifer tried to convince her that she was only in there because she was "sick" and claustrophobic (the first either one of us has heard of that affliction) so Jessica started raggin on her about getting closer to the toilet incase she needed to hurl suddenly when (my opinion) Jennifer threw a hysterical crying fit because her weak story was not believed and sypathized with. This happens with increasing frequency (she's 14) so it didn't really work the way jennifer planned which was change Jessica's mind that she really was sick and Jessica was cruel to tease her about it. I find these stories funny particularly when I didn't have to witness the ridiculous antics.

Ran home took the dog out and then headed over to the Heilpern's for the afternoon hoping but pretty sure that they would renigg on their interest in double dutch.
(Megan has agreed to brsh off our old "skilz" for the Pack Family Reunion talent Show- neither one of us has jumped since we were 12-14yrs old).
It took a couple of hours to convince 4 people to go outside and try (I needed two turners a jumper and someone to wield the video camera) but I was sucessful.
ummm, I can still get in the ropes while they are turning and jump on two feet and then on one foot at a time and even go in a circle while jumping on two feet but that's about it.

For the first half of the game (it's still the super bowl remember?) I was upstairs watching home movies while I transfered them to DVD for the 3rd quarter I was trying to figure out a way to become interested in this game, and for the 4th quarter I went to sleep. One of the friends that came brought some really good finger food veggie pizza type things, and there was some yummy shrimp =)

In between the 3rd and 4th quarter Bro. Heilpern Sr. smashed a cupcake on one of his friends face who took it well but it annoyed Jennifer who had made the cupcakes the night before- this was closely followed but James smashing a cupcake on his fathers bald head which pushed jennifer over the edge into...wait for it....a temper tantrum.
For all those who care she is never making james brownies again.
Shortly after this Jennifer smashed a cupcake on James arm who retaliated by wiping the cupcake off on jennifers sweater (which she was wearing) this prompted another....wait for it...a temper tantrum. the parental units told her to go upstairs and calm down and she told them...wait for it...NO. and then they all pretended nothing had happened. That was about the time I stopped wondering what was interesting about the Super Bowl and starte wondering if there were any more of those pizza things and where would be the most comfortable to take a nap.


Jason Heilpern said...

Hey what about your loving husband leaving and how much you will miss him. :)

Terra said...

I did miss you - the house was cold and I didn't have anyone to lean on while napping =)