Wednesday, February 14, 2007

So far Jason has given me exactly what I asked for, for Valentines Day.
I asked if this year we could just ignore it- it's stressful and horrible.
he agreed although he seems to think that something awful happened to me on Vaentines Day that has caused me adversion but there really hasn't been anything- I've never liked it.

In other news I found out last night that I have sign on to do the wedding photography for one of Megans and Josh's good friends wedding in May. His fiance contacted me- neither one of us knew the other.

Also Megan and I found out that both our husbands would react badly if ranked a (2) in a scale of 1 to 10 if asked how much of a Casanova they are.
Even if prior to being asked we had agreed that any question that involved a number would be a two.
and they say a Perkins isn't a team player.


Matthew said...

Is being a Casanova really a desirable thing?

Terra said...

that's what I feel- that it has negative conotations.